Depending on whom you ask, my name is Taylor, TayHand, or Mrs. Staggers. I was born Taylor Alexandria Handberry on August 8, 1991, putting me smack dab in the center of Millennialland


I am what some call a "serial entrepreneur" as I own and operate multiple businesses fulltime.


I married my amazing husband on March 23, 2018 giving me dual citizenship to Wifeyland. We have an adorable but impossible pup named Aspen.


Both of these strange, yet beautiful places can be difficult to navigate, but I have an amazing support and network of family and friends to guide and travel along with.


I created this space, mostly for expression, but also to be a safe place for fellow and future Millennial Wifeies out there who need a space to laugh, cry, vent, ask questions and encourage others who are on this adulting journey as well. You don't have to be a wife or a millennial to participate in the discussion, all perspectives and walks of life are welcomed and encouraged!


Stay tuned for my thoughts, recipes, answers to your submitted questions and more!


Oh, and I drink a lot of wine. A lot of wine.